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A visit to our partner schools (wizyta w naszych szkołach partnerskich)

The amazing week spent in our partner schools in England is gone. We had a great opportunity to observe how both schools deal with educational requirements, how students work in a classroom environment and broaden their knowledge. The following teachers were involved in Erasmus + project:

Mrs Barbara Rotte

Mrs Joanna Pietruszewska

Mr Eryk Cichocki.

Mrs Agnieszka Zasańska

Mrs  Paulina Kuśmierek

Mrs Anna Dzierżanowska

Mr Marcin Bednarkiewicz

Each group of the teachers had different priorities while observing the lessons. The teachers who were visiting Saint Joseph’s school focused on safety regulations, ethical education, students with learning difficulties and students for whom English is an additional language. Moreover, they had a chance to meet the school council and answer their questions concerning the role of the school council in Polish schools, their contribution to the life of school. 

While at Saint Joseph’s the visitors observed also the teachers who worked with the students for whom English is an additional language. It was very educational. Each year in our school there are more and more students who aren’t native speakers of Polish, therefore the results of the observations were very valuable.

The other group of teachers visited Saint Francis Xavier school, where they had an opportunity to see how a school radio works. Their main priorities were: students participation in lessons, feedback to students and their parents, differentiation of teaching methods.

Both groups of teachers observed the cooperation of teachers with their teaching assistants. They focused on the way they share their duties, plan lessons and differentiate the teaching methods. The English teaching assistants are more experienced than the Polish ones, therefore we can learn a lot from them.

The Polish visitors were also impressed by the students’ notebooks which contain detailed guidelines how to write in them. The information is printed on the cover of each of the notebook. Therefore, students know teachers’ requirements.

A very warm welcome at both schools and great hospitality of the head teachers, deputy heads  and their staff will stay in our heart. All the teachers benefited a lot. Right now we need to share our knowledge and experience with all the staff from our school.

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