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Erasmus+ EN

Our project is about observing teachers working in a similar school type (“job shadowing”).

As a result this observation, we hope to improve our school performance in the areas we diagnosed as weak and in need of improvement.


We plan to achieve the following main goals:

1. diversification and improving the effectiveness of our teaching methods (including ICT based ones), especially in teaching young learners (which is related to the lower age of starting obligatory education in Poland),

2. improving teaching key competences (through implementing new elements of formative assessment, improving feedback to students and parents, wider use of group work, analyzing the observed consistent teaching policies, e.g. Building Learning Power),

3. teaching values to children (ecology, being open to other cultures and religions, tolerance, kindness, truthfulness etc.),

4. higher security level at the school,

5. finding solutions for more effective work with students for whom the language of the country they are taught in is not their native (immigrants).


Moreover, we hope to learn how to teach children who come to our school from other countries and how to deal with their communication problems.


What is more, our mobility project is strictly related to the eTwinning project (, we have been involved in for half a year now. We believe that thanks to meeting our partners “face to face” we will be able to talk about what we have already achieved, to make detailed plans for the future, see the outcomes of the project and create real, not only virtual relationship with our partners. Our eTwinning project relates to the third main goal listed above, i.e. teaching values to children, as the project is based on moral short story by Bruno Ferreo –“The Emperor’s Horse”.


The project participants are a group of seven teachers who teach different age groups and different subjects. They are characterized by the eagerness to learn and share their knowledge with others.


We plan to organize four placements to our partner schools, during which we plan to:  outline the placement objectives, observe the lessons in the host school (bearing in mind the project main and specific aims), take part in staff briefing, assemblies, students’ performances, see the effects of the students’ work, observe the school site and equipment, teaching aids, displays, classroom arrangement and how this affects students involvement, observe the eTwinning project outcomes and sum up and evaluate the placement.


We are absolutely sure that taking part in the Erasmus + project will be a breakthrough experience for its participants. Its main outcome will be the improved and more effective teaching, as stated in detail in the project aims. Furthermore, it will help make our students and teachers more tolerant and open to new experiences and teaching methods. Moreover, the teachers involved in the project will improve their English proficiency, which will consequently improve their students’ English competence.

We believe that our project will also have numerous longer term benefits. Thanks to it, we will acquire the openness to change and improvement, we will possibly take part in other European projects in the future, as well as we will get more job satisfaction from our work.

We also think that the project will be the only possibility for the students from disadvantaged families (unemployment, poverty, limited access to culture) to meet children from other countries through their teachers. Thanks to it, they will hopefully feel Europe is close to them and accessible. They will get hope and belief that in the future they can be professionally linked with other European countries.

Administratorem danych osobowych jest Dyrektor Szkoły Podstawowej nr 118 im.płk.pil.B.Orlińskiego we Wrocławiu, ul. Bulwar Ikara 19. Kontakt do inspektora ochrony danych: Tomasz Gorczycki tel.: + 48 882 714 413 adres email:



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